Arcade game that helps with learning math


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  • Category Educational
  • Program license Free
  • Version 2.0.2
  • Size 21.09 MB
  • Works under: Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Tux4Kids

Type quickly enough and defend your settlement.

Shoot down asteroids that threaten the penguin Tux. The last thing he wants is asteroids when he already has to deal with global warming melting the ice from under his feet. Only one person can save Tux from the barrage of asteroids--and that someone is you.

Your job is to shoot down the asteroids using your quick mind and quick fingers. You are doing mathematical problems and you have to solve them in your head and then quickly type in the answer. Do it too slowly and the asteroid will hit, or get it wrong and the asteroid will hit.

This is a typing game that is ideally suited for children. It is supposed to teach you how to type and hit the right keys, and is also supposed to teach you maths. It is a game where you add or subtract and then type in the correct numbers as your answers. It is suitable for children aged between four and ten years old.

Practice Your Math Skills With This Game

It offers a fun and arcade-style way of learning basic maths skills. You can practice negatives, division, multiplication, subtraction and addition. There is even a multiplayer mode for LAN competition.

It Teaches You New Facts As You Play

Learn new facts whilst you are floating in space with what the game calls “Factoroids.” They give you information whilst you are playing, which is another reason this game is more ideally suited for children. It is not a well-built program, but it is stable. It is not well built because it feels very lacking and very rushed. The thought behind the concept and the things it is supposed to achieve feels almost hollow.

Play On Your Mac Or PC

There are game translations in over 40 languages and it can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix and OS-X devices. The game is educational and can be fun when compared to other educational games. It is just a shame about the graphics and the lack of core value within the game. If developers are going to make games of this nature, they should be trying harder than this.

It is categorized as Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) and it has a GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2), which means you can get and play the game for free.


  • Is at least one way of teaching math to kids


  • Poor graphics
  • The developers didn’t try very hard
  • Low quality build
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